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This camp is for you who would like to make your own productions. Maybe you already write your own songs or make music on your laptop, IPad etc. or maybe you just have a lot of ideas and a phone full of memos. If you have some previous experience with music education or music technology, that is great, but you do not need that to enter this camp!
This Producer Camp will dive into music production basics and could be the next step for you to become a producer of your own songs and music.

Here you will meet professional musicians and teachers who can help taking your songs to next level and make your ideas become a finished product.

Besides becoming more confident with the technicalities, you will get guidance, advise and technics to the whole producing process. We will work on your workflow and boundaries and help you through if you get stuck. We will explore making and using field recordings and find out about how many ways, that music technology can help you be creative and express yourself.

Through the camp we will make idea generating practices, creative interlocks and do some sound exploring, all together to create a bigger understanding for music production and expand your knowledge and your opportunities in the process of making your next hit.

We will not focus on one genre of music! All different interests and preferences are welcome.
The only thing you need to bring is:
– your laptop (it does not matter if it is a PC or a MAC)
– headphones
And this Camp will be taught in English